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It’s the workload, stupid!

As an application architect, eventually, you’d to choose the database or database service to power your newest application or a micro-service. Selecting one of the databases among relational databases was easier.  The use cases were roughly divided into OLTP and...

/ November 14, 2018

YCSB-JSON: Implementation for Couchbase and MongoDB

YCSB is a great benchmarking tool built to be easily extended by any driver which supports and implements basic operations like: insert, read, update, delete and scan. Plain synthetic data introduced by YCSB fits this paradigm perfectly. But when it comes...

/ October 6, 2018

YCSB-JSON: Benchmarking JSON databases by extending YCSB

Bruce Lindsay once said, “There are three things important in the database world: Performance, Performance, and Performance”.  Most enterprise architects know, as we progress in database features and architectures, it’s important to measure performance in an open way so they can compare...

/ September 10, 2018