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JSON Data Modeling

A JSON Data Modeling Guide

When starting to learn about document databases, it’s nice to have a grip on JSON data modeling best practices. This will help you navigate the space and topics easier having an expanded vocabulary on the subject. Experience with a traditional...

/January 20, 2021

NoSQL Is Dead, Long Live NoSQL

Dynamo accelerated the NoSQL revolution that’s driving the database industry. Recently, Amazon announced PartiQL – A SQL-Compatible Query Language for their flagship NoSQL database Amazon DynamoDB. This has brought the NoSQL “re:evolution” full circle. It’s wonderful to see the collaborative research from UCSD and...

/December 16, 2020

Indexing Service Optimizations with Couchbase Collections

Couchbase Collections introduces the separation of the bucket data into logical scopes and collections, on top of the Couchbase JSON database. The separation allows the data to be separated out to different schema and tables, a concept that most RDBMS...

/December 9, 2020

Halloween Problem: Solution in N1QL.

Learning SQL is easy; Implementing SQL, not so much. Halloween has come and gone. But, the tricks of the Halloween problem is here to stay! This has to be solved by databases every day. SQL made the relational database easy,...

/November 3, 2020
Couchbase Academy - Courses and Certification

Welcome to Couchbase Academy: November Update

Introducing Couchbase Academy Just a few weeks ago at our Connect Online event, we announced a new program for Couchbase Training that includes a name change and a new certification program. The official name of our training program is “Couchbase...

/November 2, 2020
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The Synergy of Blockchain and NoSQL Databases

Both NoSQL databases and modern Blockchain ledgers benefit from a set of common principles. When they are both implemented for an application a lot can be accomplished as the platforms can complement each other. What is Blockchain? Blockchain is a...

/October 22, 2020

N1QL Transactions : An Elastic and Scalable Distributed Transactions

SQL is the only 22nd-century language available for developers today. ABSTRACT In relational database systems, SQL is more than a declarative query language. It includes procedural language (T-SQL, PL/SQL, etc) and defines transactions and its semantics. SQL as a query...

/October 14, 2020

Ready to Develop Your Path at Couchbase Connect.ONLINE?

With less than 24 hours to go until our first ever virtual global developer conference, Couchbase Connect.ONLINE, we are ready to throw open the (virtual) doors. And with an extra day added on Friday 16th to accommodate the high demand...

/October 13, 2020

N1QL Turns Five

As any parent of a five year old can attest, time flies when you’re having fun. Where did all the time go? That’s kind of how we feel with N1QL, the SQL for JSON query language. Today, thousands of developers,...

/October 6, 2020

Roche, Accenture, EVO Banco, Carrefour Spain, El Confidencial & Orange Spain win local Spanish Couchbase awards

As the Country Manager for Couchbase Spain, along with Raúl de la Fuente my Senior Solutions Engineer, we have the privilege to work on some of the most transformative projects in some of the worlds largest companies with some of...

/October 6, 2020