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Simplifying Query & Index with Collections

Couchbase Collections available with the upcoming version 7 brings Couchbase JSON database closer to that of other RDBMS. Collections will make it easier for customers who are looking to migrate their current RDBMS data model to Couchbase document model. This...

/ November 25, 2020
Collections RBAC Security

Introducing RBAC Security for Collections

Couchbase Server 7.0 introduces the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for Collections and Scopes.

Introducing Couchbase 7 Beta, Mapping RDBMS to NoSQL

Couchbase Server 7 Beta Couchbase Server 7 Beta is a very exciting release. It is available, free in both Enterprise and Community Editions. We encourage our entire community to download and try this groundbreaking release that features scopes and collections...


Couchbase Transactions with N1QL

Couchbase introduced ACID transactions in its v6.5 release with the Couchbase SDKs, and this has now been extended to Couchbase N1QL Query in the upcoming release 7. A quick recap –  Couchbase provides support for multi-document ACID transactions for its...

/ November 17, 2020

DataGrip Setup for Couchbase

DataGrip from JetBrains has added NoSQL Couchbase support. It was first made available in their 2020.3 EAP (Early Access Preview) DataGrip 2020.3 EAP is Open! – Couchbase support – Grants – More powerful value editor – Opening transposed tables –...

/ November 11, 2020

Halloween Problem: Solution in N1QL.

Learning SQL is easy; Implementing SQL, not so much. Halloween has come and gone. But, the tricks of the Halloween problem is here to stay! This has to be solved by databases every day.  SQL made the relational database easy,...

/ November 3, 2020

Couchbase’s Cost-Based Optimizer for JSON is patent pending

With NoSQL databases proving their worth over the legacy SQL approach, the next question is inevitably “how do we optimize our processes as much as possible?” Many databases have used static Rule-Based Optimization (RBO) to optimize workloads – but this...

/ October 29, 2020

Couchbase Views and better alternatives part 1 of 2

Introduction This blog is meant for users who are familiar with the basics of Couchbase Server and Views. Novice users should start here to gain basic understanding of Couchbase Server and then continue here to get acquainted with Views. Views...

N1QL Transactions : An Elastic and Scalable Distributed Transactions

SQL is the only 22nd-century language available for developers today. ABSTRACT In relational database systems, SQL is more than a declarative query language. It includes procedural language (T-SQL, PL/SQL, etc) and defines transactions and its semantics.  SQL as a query...

/ October 14, 2020

N1QL Turns Five

As any parent of a five year old can attest, time flies when you’re having fun. Where did all the time go? That’s kind of how we feel with N1QL, the SQL for JSON query language. Today, thousands of developers,...

/ October 6, 2020