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Interview with the Ghost of MongoDB Scalability

Are you looking for my interview with the Ghost of MongoDB Scalability? Well, I moved it to my personal blog because it is, after all, a fictitious interview ūüėČ Read the interview here. Enjoy!

March 17: The Week in Couchbase NoSQL

A lot going on here at Couchbase. Follow the official handle @couchbase for the latest news as it goes live or you can find me @aobendorf. EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Couchbase Live [London] Official Hashtag: #CBliveLDN This incredible event dedicated to building, deploying and...

/ December 16, 2014

MongoDB and Scale Out? No, says MongoHQ

You may have heard that MongoDB has issues with scaling out. You may have heard that Viber is replacing MongoDB with Couchbase Server. Have you heard that MongoHQ has to scale up? I agree with MongoHQ on one thing. It’s...

MongoDB + Big Data, Almost There

When it comes to big data, MongoDB is almost there. It’s a start, and that’s a good thing. Discuss on Hacker News Discuss on Reddit Background I joined Couchbase in December of 2013. However, I’ve been passionate about big data...