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Couchbase Cloud on Microsoft Azure—Widen Your DBaaS Aperture

Today, I’m excited to announce that we have officially expanded our Couchbase Cloud offering to support Microsoft Azure! Our strategy is to provide a customer-friendly database as a service that supports multiple cloud providers so there is no vendor lock-in....

/ January 15, 2021
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Azure Functions and Lazy Initialization with Couchbase Server

Azure Functions are still new to me, and I’m learning as I’m going. I blogged about my foray into Azure Functions with Couchbase over a month ago. Right after I posted that, I got some helpful feedback about the way...

/ September 15, 2017
Azure Cloud

Azure Functions with Couchbase Server

Azure Functions are Microsoft’s answer to Amazon’s Lambdas or Google’s Cloud Functions (aka “serverless” architecture). They give you a way to deploy small pieces of code, and let Azure handle the underlying server. I’ve never used them before, so I...

/ August 9, 2017
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Microsoft Azure and Couchbase Hands on Lab (Detroit)

Microsoft Azure and Couchbase are presenting a free hands-on lab “Lunch & Learn” on using NoSQL with Docker Containers. When: Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 – 11:00am – 2:00pm Where: Microsoft Technology Center 1000 Town Center, Suite 250, Room MPR3 Southfield,...

/ February 23, 2017

Couchbase on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace (Video)

UPDATE: Many improvements have been made to the Couchbase Server offering on the Azure Marketplace since this video was made. Please check out Azure: Getting Started is Easy and Free for a more up to date resource. This video will...

/ June 15, 2016