Text Analysis within a Full-Text Search Engine

Full-Text Search refers to techniques for searching text content within a document or a collection of documents that hold textual content. A Full-Text search engine examines all the textual content within documents as it tries to match a single search...

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Arrays in JSON: Modeling, Querying and Indexing Performance

Array is THE difference between the relational model and the JSON model.   — Gerald Sangudi Abstract JSON array gives you flexibility in the type of elements,  number of elements, size of the elements, and the depth of the elements.  This...

/ August 4, 2020

Comparing MQL features in MongoDB 4.4 with N1QL features in Couchbase 6.5

This is a short note reviewing the MongoDB MQL language features highlighted in the release blog: MongoDB 4.4: User-Driven Engineering. Ready for You.  MongoDB 4.4 release has added a number of features for the MQL language. Couchbase released 6.5 earlier...

/ July 31, 2020


Over time, the database industry has realized full-text search and SQL are two sides of the same coin.  Text search needs further query processing, query processing needs text search to efficiently filter for text patterns.   The SQL databases have added...

/ July 7, 2020

Analyze This: MongoDB & Couchbase Analytics.

The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers.  — Richard Hamming The spiral of running the business, analyzing what to change & what to change to, and then changing the business is an eternal one. Do the right analysis, your...

/ June 23, 2020

FHIR Data Model with Couchbase N1QL

Couchbase is a JSON database that has now become an alternative to the traditional RDBMS. It has achieved this, not only by providing the industry leading Key Value store and the same query and ACID translation capabilities that organizations have...

/ April 25, 2020

Introduction to Couchbase for MongoDB Developers and Experts.

Six thousand years ago, the Sumerians invented writing for transaction processing — Gray & Reuter By any measure, MongoDB is a popular document-oriented JSON database. In the last dozen years, it has grown from its humble beginnings of a single...

/ April 25, 2020

Flexible Query & Indexing for Flexible JSON Model.

Use N1QL when you’re in a JSON pickle. — Confucius For the JSON data model, the advice is to think of collections as tables, JSON document as denormalized rows and field names as columns – roughly. All this holds in...

/ April 13, 2020

Simple dataviz with N1QL and Google Sheets.

Do whatever it takes to present the data to aid analysis and thinking.  — Edward Tufte How do you create graphs like these if you don’t already have some ready-made cool dataviz tool? You can run queries to wrangle the...

/ January 7, 2020

It’s SQL. Again.

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/ August 31, 2019