FHIR Data Model with Couchbase N1QL

Couchbase is a JSON database that has now become an alternative to the traditional RDBMS. It has achieved this, not only by providing the industry leading Key Value store and the same query and ACID translation capabilities that organizations have...

/ April 25, 2020

Introduction to Couchbase for MongoDB Developers and Experts.

Six thousand years ago, the Sumerians invented writing for transaction processing — Gray & Reuter By any measure, MongoDB is a popular document-oriented JSON database. In the last dozen years, it has grown from its humble beginnings of a single...

/ April 25, 2020

Flexible Query & Indexing for Flexible JSON Model.

Use N1QL when you’re in a JSON pickle. — Confucius For the JSON data model, the advice is to think of collections as tables, JSON document as denormalized rows and field names as columns – roughly. All this holds in...

/ April 13, 2020

Simple dataviz with N1QL and Google Sheets.

Do whatever it takes to present the data to aid analysis and thinking.  — Edward Tufte How do you create graphs like these if you don’t already have some ready-made cool dataviz tool? You can run queries to wrangle the...

/ January 7, 2020

It’s SQL. Again.

[crayon-5ed7cf8b56ac0083733295/] [crayon-5ed7cf8b56ac6459794159/] — In the spirit of Alexander Pope and Sir John Squire.

/ August 31, 2019

Cost Based Optimizer for Couchbase N1QL (SQL for JSON)

Authors & Engineering Team: Bingjie Miao, Keshav Murthy,  Marco Greco, Prathibha Bisarahalli. Couchbase, Inc.  A rule-based optimizer knows rules for everything and cost for nothing – Oscar Wilde Abstract Couchbase is a distributed JSON database. It provides distributed data processing,...

/ August 7, 2019

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of SQL in NoSQL Databases: A Comparative Study.

The business applications have requirements: take customer orders, deliver customer orders, track shipping, generate inventory report, end of the day/month/quarter business report, generate business dashboards and more.  These requirements evolve slowly. They remain even when you choose a NoSQL database....

/ May 26, 2019

Introducing the Couchbase .NET SDK 3.0 “Alpha” Releases

What’s in an SDK? Couchbase Server offers multiple services for storing, retrieving, querying and analyzing your data. Each service exposes a public API either as REST API or via lower level, extended, Memcached binary protocol. With the proper Authentication and...

Approaches to Query Optimization in NoSQL.

A man returned home after walking around the globe for eleven years.  Next day, when he told his wife he’s going to the corner store, she asked him: “are you taking the short route or the long one?”. Queries can...

/ May 5, 2019
couchbase mobile 2.5

Couchbase Mobile 2.5 Released

Today we are announcing the general availability of Couchbase Mobile 2.5, our most advanced NoSQL data platform for mobile applications to date. This release builds on the strong architectural foundation that was laid out with the release of Couchbase Mobile...