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Deep Dive: Window functions in Couchbase Analytics

Couchbase Server 6.5 brings a host of new features [1] to the leading NoSQL database. One of the key additions to the N1QL query language is support for window functions. These functions were originally introduced in the SQL:2003 standard and provide...

Get a Bigger Picture with N1QL Window Functions and CTE

Whether it is a personal need to understand your spending pattern from looking at the bank transactions, or seeking to improve the sales performance in your organization by looking at the sales activities, the real insights are only visible with...

/ March 12, 2019
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On Par with Window Functions.

  Use golf analogy when explaining to executives. Use a car analogy for all others. ¬†— Confucius. The purpose of window functions is to translate the business reporting requirements declaratively and effectively to SQL so query performance and developer/business-analyst efficiency...

/ November 22, 2018