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Notice Anything Different?

Bob Wiederhold of Couchbase Published

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Today we began using our new company logo and updated the look and feel of our website. You can do a quick comparison of the logo change below.  We hope you like it. 

For most of the people in the Couchbase community, a logo change like this might not generate much interest or reaction. We think its important though because a lot has changed since the merger that created Couchbase and we feel a change to our logo and look and feel will help reinforce these changes.

Our main objective for the new logo was that we wanted it to reflect that Couchbase has evolved to become something significantly different while also having it reflect strong ties to our past. The most significant change took place in December, when we delivered the most important release to date associated with the Couchbase open source project, Couchbase 2.0. The release extended Couchbase’s capabilities from a pure-key-value database to a document database that supports full indexing and querying. We wanted the logo to subtly reflect this significant evolution of the technology.

At the same time, we also wanted the logo to reflect strong ties to our past. While Couchbase is a completely separate open source project that is not directly related to Apache CouchDB, Couchbase 2.0 does leverage CouchDB technology for its indexing and querying features and shares many common characteristics. We wanted the logo to reflect this heritage while also looking distinctly different from anything associated with Apache CouchDB.

The community will be the ultimate judge of whether the new logo helps reinforce the changes in Couchbase.  We think it’s a more modern, vibrant look that better represents the community and technology. And, when you look at the u-shaped symbol, you might see a couch – and we like that.  We’re all for giving a nod to our roots in Apache CouchDB. But you might also see a more abstract “container” which we hope symbolizes what we are today – an independent, thriving NoSQL database project.

As always, we’d love to hear from you – let us know what you think.

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