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NoSQL at Jazoon

Raghavan Srinivas Published

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Jazoon is my favorite conference since it happens in Zurich when the days are long and the temperatures are more to my liking. Europe has many conferences organized by local Java User Groups (JUGs) and they all seem to have an ardent following. Jazoon is organized in a theater complex and although it seems like a strange setting to stand in front of the huge screen to talk, the venue is estremely friendly. There were about 5-6 tracks running concurrently. I got a bulk of the attendees during my time slot and was standing room only when I started my talk. All together there were probably 500+ attendees for my conference and my talk was attended by about 120+.

The understanding level amongst Java developers is quite varied. There were very few (about 6-8) attendees who had used Couchbase or CouchDB before. Accordingly, I spent some time talking about NoSQL (in retrospect I should have done a bit more), talked about the various operations, touched on document design and incremental map-reduce based views. All this was in relation to using them with the Java SDK and the simple, yet powerful APIs. I wish there is just a bit more time to cover a bit of Couchbase internals including VBuckets, how the replicas are organized, what happens during a rebalance, view collation and so on since there are many hard core Java delevelopers who would enjoy this level of detail although not necessary from an application developer viewpoint.

I covered some of the Couchbase Internals during the demonstrations and Q&A, but, there were quite a few high level questions as well such as how do we pick an application/component as a Proof-of-Concept for using Couchbase, is there a simple migration path from SQL to NoSQL and so on. There is still some confusion about Couchbase and CouchDB and admittedly we need to do a better job of making the similarities and the distinctions clear.

Based on the attendance, Q&A and the hallway conversations, I sense a very high interest for change from the business as usual in general and NoSQL in particular amongst Java developers. This bodes well for the adoption of NoSQL technologies and Couchbase.

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