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NoSQL and Couchbase: Picking Up Speed

Bob Wiederhold of Couchbase Published

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The past six months have been a whirlwind of activity at Couchbase and the pace just continues to accelerate, not just for Couchbase but for the NoSQL market as a whole. Since the merger of CouchOne and Membase in February, we’ve been hard at work to advance the state of NoSQL technology. To name a few things:

At our inaugural CouchConf user conference in San Francisco last month, it was incredible to feel the energy and enthusiasm of the Couch community and hear about the applications being built with these products. Based on the attendance at CouchConf, the number of case studies being generated, and the rapidly accelerating growth of our business, it is clear the Couch community is expanding very quickly and the momentum is building.

People outside the community have certainly noticed too, in particular venture capitalists. They recognize that NoSQL is not a fringe technology, but an industry that is growing fast and beginning to disrupt the relational database market. And they’ve noticed that leaders are emerging from the pack of NoSQL solution providers.

You may find talk about venture capitalists and news of company financings uninteresting; that’s quite understandable. After all, what does this have to do with the community and the products you use?  However, if nothing else, you can view major funding from top venture capitalists (like the round Couchbase just received) as an important vote of confidence. It is a vote of confidence that they believe the NoSQL industry is going to be big and that Couchbase and the Couch community will be leaders. Most importantly, it provides Couchbase with funds to accelerate the pace of product development, bring more Couch events and speakers to your local region, and generally expand the community throughout the world.

Couch momentum is building and people are taking notice. Thanks for helping build a great community. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.

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