I was a guest speaker at the FANUG (Findlay Area .NET User Group) on July 26, 2016. My topic was Full Stack Development with .NET and NoSQL. The group and venue kindly allowed me to record the session, and so I’ve posted it on YouTube.

The full stack .NET sample I used in this session is available on Github. The Xamarin Forms sample that uses Sync Gateway is also available on Github.

Thanks to everyone that came out. I know Findlay might seem like a remote place and a small city, but you wouldn’t know it based on the size and enthusiasm of this user group. It really is one of my favorites: check them out if you ever find yourself in northwest ohio.

You can follow the group on twitter at @FANUG, and you can follow me on twitter at @mgroves.

Posted by Matthew Groves, Developer Advocate

Matthew is a Developer Advocate for Couchbase, and lives in the Central Ohio area. He has experience as a web developer as a consultant, in-house developer, and product developer. He has been a regular speaker at conferences and user groups all over the United States, and he has written AOP in .NET for Manning Books. He has experience in C# and .NET, but also with other web-related tools and technologies like JavaScript and PHP. You can find him on Twitter at @mgroves.

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