DreamFactory is the focus of the latest episode of The NoSQL Database Podcast. Jason Gilmore joins as the special guest to talk about using DreamFactory to generate and manage APIs over (among other things) databases.

The previous episode of the podcast was Chris Anderson on FaunaDb.

Episode 27 can be found on all the major podcasting networks such as iTunes and Pocket Casts. I’ve also embedded the recording below.

Some topics covered:

  • 00:48 – Introduction to Jason
  • 02:51 – Introduction to DreamFactory
  • 12:52 – NoSQL with DreamFactory
  • 16:10 – Use Case Discussion
  • 22:42 – Additional non-database integrations/transformations
  • 30:27 – Business logic in DreamFactory
  • 35:04 – Customer 360 Use Case
  • 43:03 – “Lightning Round” of technical topics: performance, indexing, logging/monitoring, profiling

And don’t forget to check out Jason Gilmore’s guest post here on the Couchbase blog:
Generating Couchbase APIs with DreamFactory

Other resources:

For more on the Customer 360 use case:

If you have any questions for Jason or myself, you can catch us on Twitter at @wjgilmore and @mgroves

If you’re interested in learning more about Couchbase, check out the Couchbase Developer Portal.

Posted by Matthew Groves, Developer Advocate

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