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Membase and RightScale: Elastic Data Scaling in the Cloud

Bob Wiederhold of Couchbase Published

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I am very excited that Membase ServerTemplates are now up and running on the RightScale Cloud Management Platform (see today’s announcement). RightScale customers now have easy access to a leading NoSQL database for the first time, and Membase customers can rest easy that when they’re ready to deploy their applications in the cloud they can take advantage of the leading cloud management platform in the industry. For those who may not be familiar with RightScale ServerTemplates, they’re really cool.

They provide a kind of blueprint for what a server should do in the cloud. They let users deploy preconfigured, cloud-ready servers that know how to operate in the cloud: how to obtain an IP address, how to submit monitoring data, and how to work with other servers in a cloud deployment. In our case, the Membase ServerTemplate sets everything up so you can easily use Right Scale to deploy, provision, and manage a Membase database server running in Amazon (AWS), Rackspace, GoGrid, Eucalyptus or any other cloud service that RightScale supports. Establishing a close relationship with RightScale was an easy decision. Many of our customers, including Zynga, already use RightScale extensively and prodded us to integrate our products with theirs. We’ve been working closely with RightScale for the past couple of months and I think you’ll like what we’ve put together. Since social gaming turned out to be one of biggest initial adopters of Membase, RightScale, and Amazon (AWS), we’ve collectively decided to host a webinar to talk about how leading social gaming companies are using our products to build successful businesses (register now). If you’re in the social gaming business you won’t want to miss this but even if you’re not you can still learn a lot about deploying your web application in the cloud. So, check out our new partnership with RightScale and let me know what you think. And let us know what other hot cloud companies we should work with next. Our goal is to make Membase easily accessible no matter how and where you choose to develop and deploy your application. Tell us how we can make your life easier!

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