Lights, Camera, Action!  Welcome to Hollywood where the last weekend in January 2015 was all about Mobile over at the MobileCampLA conference.  The second annual event kick started with great talks from Ron Evans who show cased Cylon.JS robotic framework that got a neat embedded demo running with a few lines of code.  


The event had a full cast of mobile technology presentations ranging from Michael Brooks talking about how to develop hybrid mobile apps with PhoneGap to Karim Varela describing about his startup experience building for the popular Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel apps.  Later on, Justin Woo presented how Briantree can enable mobile payments within your apps.  Mobile is not only bridging the social interactions amongst people but in finance and payment solutions, mobile is now becoming the transactional gateway for monetary exchange. 



Providing for all the amazing app concepts, is Couchbase Mobile which is an Open Sourced thin client library that would help developers with their mobile projects in creating a local data layer for Offline user experience and will provide fast sync capabilities when there is available network connectivity.  Couchbase Mobile had a special guest in the audience, Ed Arenberg, CTO of EPage whom won the Couchbase AT&T Las Vegas Hackathon Challenge with his Brother.  By using Couchbase Mobile, the brother tag team developed the GAGGL device Location Beacon monitoring app that had their complete sync solution abstracted out for them by Couchbase Mobile.  It is simple to use and you can get started too with Couchbase Mobile by checking out the Mini-Hacks to get an offline-online solution up and running within your mobile app project in no time!     

Posted by William Hoang, Mobile Developer Advocate, Couchbase

William was a Developer Advocate on the Mobile Engineering/Developer Experience team at Couchbase. His love for coffee and code has transcended him into the world of mobile while appreciating the offline in-person experiences. Prior, William worked on the Developer Relations team over at Twitter, BlackBerry, and Microsoft while also having been a Software Embedded GPS engineer at Research In Motion. William graduated from McGill University in Electrical Software Engineering

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