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Keeping up with the Documentation

MC Brown Published

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We use an incremental release model on the documentation here at Couchbase. What that means is that we change and update the material on a nearly daily basis, including the main server manuals, SDK guides and information and other details. Sometimes these are minor changes, and sometimes these are really major changes. 

Of course you can always determine when the documentation was last updated by checking either the documentation library page:

Slightly more detailed information is also embedded into each document:
These two dates describe to different things. The Last document update date shows the date when any of the files that make up the manual were last changed. The Document built date shows when the document was assembled and published. As a rule we update the docs, push them, and they are built, so often the two dates will not be different by large values, but some updates and changes take longer to appear depending on how busy the rest of the docs and build process has been. 
The problem with both of these solutions is that neither of them tell you what has changed since the last time you might have viewed the documentation. To make it easier to understand what changes have occured, and so that you can keep up with the changes and improvements, we've added an RSS feed. The feed includes the new documentation updates and releases (in reverse chronological order), along with a short description of the major changes in the documentation since the last build and release. For example: 
You can subscribe to the RSS feed using this URL, or visit the Couchbase Documentation page and click on your  subscribe or RSS button to add the feed to your reader. 
Hopefully you'll find it useful and a great way to keep in touch with what is going on in terms of the documentation and information. If you find it useful, or have improvements, please let us know.
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