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Discussion: How to Evaluate NoSQL Databases

Shane Johnson of Couchbase Published

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I'm hosting a webinar with William McKnight, founder of McKnight Consulting Group and analyst for Gigaom Research, and Anil Madan, Senior Director of Engineering at PayPal. William will be discussing his new white paper, NoSQL Evaluator's Guide. Anil will be discussing how PayPal leverages NoSQL.

NoSQL Evaluator's Guide presents a framework for evaluating NoSQL databases for the enterprise. It begins with an overview of NoSQL technology, features and models, and concludes with evaluation criteria. William will present this evaluation guide.

PayPal leverages NoSQL in the following key functions: ad targeting, cookies and real time analytics. The infrastructure integrates NoSQL, Apache Storm and Apache Hadoop. Anil will detail the technical requirements, the implementation and the architecture of these three key functions.

Finally, I'll moderate a discussion between William and Anil and we'll conclude with Q&A.

  • Ask William about NoSQL and big data.
  • Ask Anil about enterprise scalability.

The Three Dimensions of NoSQL
Evaluating NoSQL databases for enterprise readiness
Thursday June 18th at 10AM PT

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