I’m excited to announce the new Couchbase Community Directory, designed to encourage engagement and community building. The goal is to give you the opportunity to become a more informed community member, helping you to engage more with other community members, Couchbase Experts and Champions, and Couchbase engineers. To kick-start this program, I’ve already created subgroups based on development languages, use cases, and specific areas to get involved such as Meetup groups and community writing.

Why you should join the Couchbase Community Directory

Participating Couchbase Community Members will receive:

  • Latest product updates and release notes
  • Invitations and promotional codes for Couchbase Connect and Couchbase Day events as well as community events such as Meetups, Partner events, and workshops
  • Opportunities to get involved with product beta programs
  • Opportunities to become involved as a user and/or customer reference, Meetup organizer, mentor, speaker, and more
  • A personal listing on the Couchbase Community Directory, where you can create your own rich profile and share the ways you want to be involved


It’s easy to get started,  fill out the new sign up page, it’s linked to Single Sign on so if you have a forum login already you’re able to login. It’s fast and easy to get started to engage with the community.

Posted by Laura Czajkowski, Developer Community Manager, Couchbase

Laura Czajkowski is the Snr. Developer Community Manager at Couchbase overseeing the community, our incentive programs, Experts and Champions group, meetups, and defining our presence at developer events. She’s also responsible for our monthly developer newsletter and engaging with our community in various forms.Laura has been active in Open Source communities since 2000 and has been involved in various activities, including leading and organising conferences on software testing, documentation, and advocacy. Laura is an Open Source advocate and regular conference speaker who is passionate about getting people – everyone from primary school students to technology professionals – involved in Open Source communities both on IRC and in face-to-face discussions, she is easily found online at @czajkowski on twitter and on freenode.

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