It is that time again, another month, another developer build for Couchbase.  This time we have a ton of bug fixes and feature enhancements as we get one step closer to the stable release of Couchbase 5.0.

The March 2017 developer build can be downloaded from the Couchbase downloads page in the developer tab.

Features and Enhancements

With this build came a lot of new features and enhancements, some of which can be found below in their own announcement blog posts:

Feature Enhancements to N1QL in the Couchbase Server 5.0 March Developer Build

Profiling and Monitoring in Couchbase Server 5.0 Preview

Authentication and Authorization with RBAC

Performance Enhancements to N1QL in the Couchbase 5.0 March Developer Build

Keep an eye out for more blog posts to come, explaining the features or enhancements.

Bug Fixes

Here are some bugs we fixed in the March Developer Build, all of which can be found in our Jira issue tracker.

MB-23142IN clause is not using IndexCountScan
MB-23126cbimport says “-g” option is optional, but in fact it is required
MB-23109Incorrect StoredValue size calculations
MB-23106panic found in indexer – plasma ubuntu longevity run
MB-23097Disable DISTINCT pushdown for Joins/NEST/UNNEST
MB-23090[FTS] document the store configuration JSON, especially w/ mossStore config
MB-23082cluster stuck post rebalance in plasma longevity
MB-23073with index2 api enabled encoded_plan doesn’t work properly
MB-23059Reset size of byte slice from buffer pool to 0 for Distinct scans
MB-23047[Index API2] Distinct=true gives wrong results when projection is passed as nil
MB-23029Query failure with Panic: runtime error – invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference
MB-23022Spock-UI: Cannot tweak internal settings
MB-23018avoid calling getThroughSeqnos and getHighSeqnoAndVBUuidFromTarget more than once
MB-22999UI: no checkbox to confirm failover in new UI
MB-22992[N1QL] Explain plan still shows (meta(default).expiry) though index was created on meta().expiration
MB-22988[FTS] upgrade to go 1.8
MB-22982Tree form query output fails to print in query workbench
MB-22975Couchbase-cli user-manage help is incorrect for auth-type
MB-22974Creating user in CLI requires mandatory full name, but creating user through UI accepts optional full name
MB-22969With long username the RBAC UI becomes unusable since the buttons for edit/delete vanish
MB-22962[FTS] performance: use 6 pindexes by default instead of 32
MB-22954Radio buttons for failover options is not visible in the new UI
MB-22942Create audit trail for privilege debug
MB-22937[FTS] UI: too much white-space around index mapping checkboxes
MB-22935[FTS] UI: copy-to-clipboard curl doesn’t handle escaping single quotes correctly
MB-22931[FTS] UI: API created index definition has fts.js JSON parse problem
MB-22925Rebalance fails with “Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers”
MB-22898Web UI does not have security tab on Mac
MB-22897Indexer crashes when we do start/stop/start indexer rebalance in a loop
MB-22892couchbase-cli wants -c/–cluster but man page reads: “by default this…”
MB-22891For Dynamic index IndexProjection is empty when it uses covered index
MB-22890Query Workbench – periodic failures due to panic in cbq-engine
MB-22885Create index causes UI to hang
MB-22884PAIRS() not returning all pairs
MB-22882Index never gets created in MDS setup
MB-22880N1QL query panel becomes inaccessible when indexer rebalance is going on
MB-22861Replica indexes do not show up on new UI
MB-22860cbq_engine panics when creating universal index
MB-22859[Dynamic Index] “Index out of range stack” panic when creating an index
MB-22858[Dynamic Index] panic and timeout when processing multi-predicates query
MB-22856View index replicas parameter should not be accepted when creating and ephemeral bucket
MB-22854[N1QL] Panic seen in query.log: panic: runtime error: index out of range [recovered]
MB-22853[Index API2] Distinct as hint to Scan2() eliminates more items
MB-2285210-15% drop in Q1-Q3 query throughput
MB-22851[FTS] UI: checkbox labels need to be clickable
MB-22848Rebalance fails after a failed cbindex move
MB-22847Query engine exit creating index via workbench
MB-22846[Dynamic Indexing] Panic observed in query when dynamic index is being created on a bucket with nested document
MB-22844Fix n1ql race conditions
MB-22843Spock UI: Error messages get duplicated in UI
MB-22836[FTS] perf: initial indexing rate seems suboptimal
MB-22831N1QL : Inserting a numerical value from N1QL causes the value to be stored in science notation
MB-22830couchbase-cli crashed when using option server-readd –help
MB-22828[Index API2] len(IndexProjection.EntryKeys) == 0 should not project the keys
MB-22825Typo of heartbeats to hearbeats
MB-22819Merge and update queries failing with Error “DML Error, possible causes include CAS mismatch or concurrent modification Failed to perform update”
MB-22817Fix covering of META
MB-22808[Dynamic Indexing] SUM related query failed in case of dynamic indexing
MB-22793[FTS] queries should work when using the ngram and edge_ngram analyzers
MB-22787Upgrade xdcr to golang 1.7.5
MB-22778Getl with no extra fields receives “Key Not found” response where on older versions it locks for default time.
MB-22774cli messages for unauthorized users is regressed
MB-22771error when running – admin-role-manage with switch –get-roles
MB-22768/checkPermissions – not returning 401 for non-existent user in cb server
MB-22760unable to create buckets using /pools/default/buckets API
MB-22757Handle mix of covering and non-covering scans
MB-22755new UI doesn’t redirect to the welcome page if node is removed from its cluster
MB-22747Ephemeral buckets: After delete curr_items is not decremented
MB-22734View index may be crashed
MB-22711[FTS] moss ReadOnly options should open file in read-only mode
MB-22705Missing items with Swap Rebalance
MB-22677[cbq] generic index fails under load (err: backfill exceeded limit 5120)
MB-22656upon activation n1ql node thinks it’s not part of a cluster
MB-22652query against system:indexes does not show all indexes when run from QWB
MB-22650Indexer does not recover if it is in DGM
MB-22633cbq-engine and indexer are getting killed
MB-22632[Query] Query metrics – timings should be EE only
MB-22614If the number of replicas is changed on a bucket the user should be told a rebalance is required
MB-22588N1QL clustering missing n1ql nodes
MB-22536DATE_RANGE_STR() and DATE_RANGE_MILLIS() give wrong results
MB-22527[Spock UI] – Can’t copy document metadata
MB-22461[FTS] allow more moss configurability from index definition JSON
MB-22447UI – Full Text Search should be promoted to spock’s left-hand-side menu
MB-22437[Query Workbench UI] : Issues with Query Editor Preferences dialog
MB-22421XATTR CAS Macro is incorrect
MB-22416[FTS] QueryString syntax doesn’t have short way to perform exact numeric equality search
MB-22310[Spock UI] The ‘Activity’ link/tab on the UI is unresponsive
MB-22273plans set via encoded_plan REST parameter may return wrong results
MB-22268Spock UI :”Servers Failed Over” in Dashboard is left aligned instead of center
MB-22260Update our favicon.ico
MB-22197Query UI caches list of valid nodes too aggressively
MB-22087N1QL: Incorrect results for queries using intersect scan as compared to same query using primary index
MB-22069Spock UI : Number of nodes involved in the rebalance is not show in the UI.
MB-22060subquery expression returns error it panics
MB-21988JOIN with expression in from clause panics
MB-21944[FTS] perf: date facets query doesn’t scale due to extensive garbage collection (top CPU load is 35%)
MB-21862[Spock UI] FTS – index definition is incorrectly stripped of type mapping with empty name (“”)
MB-21857[Spock UI] : FTS – UI scrambles when the Target Full Text Indexes list / Index name is very long
MB-21843Spock UI : n1ql query link should point to new link
MB-21643[FTS] feature to show the pindex given a docId (support / diagnostic feature)
MB-21452[FTS] perf: term + date facets query is very slow
MB-21441[FTS] FTS cmd-line tools need warnings
MB-21280Request sent for every line in cbq’s batch mode
MB-21215Please don’t echo query when using “cbq -q”
MB-21191[N1QL] ‘msg\’: u\’FROM expression term should not have USE KEYS\’
MB-20999[Spock UI] : Add id/class/name attributes to UI elements in the new UI
MB-20992[FTS] query string query with only -termanalyzedtonothing different results from ES
MB-20583[FTS] UI: Enable index replication via FTS UI
MB-20311[FTS] REST: Validate index definition if char_filter and token_filter is passed as an array
MB-20042substr should start from 1

For more information in regards to developing with Couchbase, check out the Couchbase Developer Portal.

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