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Couchbase Playground

Learn NoSQL with Couchbase Playground

We are going to preview Couchbase Playground Beta, an experimental project from Couchbase. With this tool, we can help developers learn NoSQL for free and play with Couchbase and SDKs (the SDK is just one of the features) like Java,...

/ December 2, 2020

Collections – Simplify Analysis With Couchbase Analytics

Introduction Couchbase is excited to announce a new product feature of Collections as part of its beta release 7.0 and support for collections has been extended to Analytics Service as well. Collections and scopes are logical containers within a bucket....

/ December 1, 2020

Building Customer-Obsessed Database Applications

Customer obsession is a powerful concept for any company. Whether your customers are internal or external users of your platform – every experience should be timely and meaningful. Customer 360 NoSQL database development is a powerful approach to delivering these...

/ December 1, 2020

Cost Based Optimization with Couchbase JSON database

Couchbase Query Cost Based Optimization (CBO) was released as a Developer Preview in Couchbase 6.5, and it is now ready for GA with Couchbase v7.0. While CBO is a ubiquitous feature with traditional RDBMS, and that users have come to...

/ November 30, 2020

Query Admission Control in Couchbase Analytics

Couchbase Analytics is optimized to perform ad-hoc analytical queries, which typically process more data than one can fit in memory. It employs a massively parallel processing (MPP) engine that attempts to fully utilize the available processing power in any given...

How To Migrate to Scopes and Collections in Couchbase 7.0

Scopes and Collections are a new feature introduced in Couchbase 7 that allow you to logically organize data within Couchbase.  You should take advantage of scopes and collections for simpler mapping from RDBMS as well as consolidation of hundreds of...

/ November 23, 2020
Collections RBAC Security

Introducing RBAC Security for Collections

Couchbase Server 7.0 introduces the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for Collections and Scopes.

Searching Collections With Full-Text Search

    Collections provide the ability to namespace data within a Couchbase bucket. Instead of all documents having to reside in a single shared namespace, collections provide users a built-in capability to group those documents together rather than having to...

/ November 17, 2020

Web console(s) for Full-Text Indexes

This article highlights new features and certain enhancements in the web console for Couchbase’s Full-Text Search service to configure and search indexes as Couchbase server moves to supporting collections with the 7.0 release. Full-Text Search (FTS) refers to techniques for...

Introducing Couchbase 7 Beta, Mapping RDBMS to NoSQL

Couchbase Server 7 Beta Couchbase Server 7 Beta is a very exciting release. It is available, free in both Enterprise and Community Editions. We encourage our entire community to download and try this groundbreaking release that features scopes and collections...