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Distributed Database networking across the world

Distributed Databases: An Overview

Distributed Databases apply the principles of distributed computing to storing data. The simplest example is a database which stores data on two (or more) servers connected by a network. This “cluster” can be accessed and managed as if it was...

/ March 29, 2021
Couchbase adopts BSL license

Couchbase Adopts BSL License

Couchbase adopts Business Source License (BSL 1.1) with release of source code to Couchbase Server 7. Couchbase changes source code license to BSL 1.1 Today we are announcing that Couchbase is changing our source code license from Apache 2.0 to...

/ March 26, 2021
upgrading CE

Upgrading Couchbase Community Edition

Why Enterprise Edition Couchbase Server is generally available in three flavors: Community Edition (CE), Enterprise Edition (EE) and Couchbase Cloud (DBaaS).  Many customers start with Community Edition. They download CE and use it completely free to run development, test and...

What is R Programming Language? NoSQL & Maps Guide

Many statistical data analysts and data scientists use the R programming language to crunch their numbers outside of a database. Likewise, database analysts try to do everything in the same database whenever possible to maintain a single source. Couchbase provides...

/ March 9, 2021
Baton hand-off, symbolizing the hand off from SQL to NoSQL

SQL to NoSQL: Automated Migration

SQL to NoSQL seems like a contradiction, but thanks to advances and innovations in Couchbase Server’s NoSQL database, it’s becoming easier. In this post, I’ll introduce you to a tool called SqlServerToCouchbase, an open-source attempt at an automated tool to...

/ March 2, 2021

Use cases and Best Practices for Distributed Transactions through N1QL

Does Couchbase support transactions? Yes! With 6.5, we introduced the ACID transaction support in Couchbase through the SDKs. The 1st question we got at the time from the customers that heard about it was: Is transaction support available through N1QL?...

/ February 24, 2021

Enable AI-driven insights using Couchbase: a practical framework

Chris Galy, Chief People Officer at Couchbase, explained in an article you can find with a quick Google search that our mission is about channeling our passion to solve hard problems so our customers can innovate and change the world....

Recursive Timers for Document Aggregation and Lower TCO with Couchbase Server 6.6

Where does it begin… IOT, Edge devices and NoSQL are all technologies that have increased in popularity in recent years. Allowing people to comfortably create interaction heavy applications, without the worry of stability and availability. One problem with the freedom...

/ February 2, 2021

Data Structures & Queries with Couchbase N1QL (SQL for JSON)

In the Data Structures for NoSQL Applications post, we used simplified JSON data access through native collections, maps, and more. This post demonstrates querying that data using higher-level N1QL queries, the SQL-based language for JSON. Developers can focus on managing...

/ January 27, 2021