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Save Captured Images in a NativeScript Angular Application to Couchbase

I get a particular set of questions quite a bit when it comes to mobile applications, the first being how to save captured images, and the second being how to sync them between devices or a remote database. Since I’m...

Couchbase Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization Across iOS Devices Using Couchbase Mobile

This post looks at how you get started with data replication/synchronization across iOS devices using Couchbase Mobile. The Couchbase Mobile Stack comprises of Couchbase Server, Sync Gateway and Couchbase Lite embedded NoSQL Database. In an earlier post, we discussed how...

/ April 24, 2017

Testing your Sync Gateway functions with synctos

Synctos includes a built-in test-helper module that helps you to write tests that validate your document definitions. It's always a good idea to test your code/configuration for bugs, and your synctos document definitions are no different.

Querying Sync Gateway Public Interface

Querying Couchbase Sync Gateway using Postman

This post discusses a convenient way to query, explore and test the REST API exposed by the Couchbase Mobile Sync Gateway using the Postman Chrome Developer tool. Sync Gateway exposes a REST, Batch & Stream interface that allows clients interact with...

/ April 17, 2017

Getting Started with Couchbase Lite in your iOS App : Part1

This post looks at  how you can get started with Couchbase Lite in your iOS App. Couchbase Lite is an embedded JSON database that can work standalone, in a P2P network, or with a Sync Gateway as a remote endpoint. While we will...

/ April 10, 2017
Michigan Football

Ahoy-Hoy Couchbase! This is Priya Rajagopal…

I just started as a Developer Advocate, focusing on Mobile at Couchbase, so let me use the opportunity to introduce myself. I am based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, ranked as one of the top college towns in the US. I’ve...

/ April 10, 2017
Couchbase Mobile Stack

Technical Details of the 1.4 Release of Couchbase Mobile (video)

Couchbase recently released the 1.4 version of the Couchbase Mobile stack.  1.4 includes the first release of Sync Gateway Accelerator into general availability. This short video describes some of the technical details of the new features.  Mostly it focuses on...

ANN: Couchbase Lite Developer Build 003 (Obj C, Swift, .NET)

I am very pleased that Couchbase Lite Developer Build 003 is now available for download for Objective C, Swift and “.NET”. Database queries have changed significantly in this release. Couchbase Lite 2.0 uses semantics based on N1QL query language defined...

/ March 24, 2017

Offline-first apps with Couchbase Sync Gateway

In this article, I’m going to propose an offline-first development using Couchbase as the communication tool between the backend and frontend.

Couchbase Mobile Changes Explorer Animated Gif

Couchbase Mobile Changes Explorer – Part. 2

Introduction The Couchbase Mobile Sync Gateway changes feed provides a way to monitor events in a mobile deployment. The feed makes it feasible to write sophisticated business logic. I wrote a tool to help examine and understand the feed. You...