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Sachin recently joined Couchbase where he is the lead product manager for initiatives in the Mobile and IOT space. Before joining Couchbase, Sachin spent 8 years at Cisco WebEx where he led the product team responsible for executing the vision for improved Customer Experience. He also launched the WebEx Social Developer Program to enable 3rd parties to expand the core collaboration offerings from Cisco. Prior to his time at Cisco, Sachin worked at different startups in roles across engineering, architecture, product management and alliances.

ANN: Couchbase Lite Developer Build 003 (Obj C, Swift, .NET)

I am very pleased that Couchbase Lite Developer Build 003 is now available for download for Objective C, Swift and “.NET”. Database queries have changed significantly in this release. Couchbase Lite 2.0 uses semantics based on N1QL query language defined...

/ March 24, 2017

Announcing Couchbase Mobile 1.4

Couchbase Mobile 1.4 makes it easy to scale to millions of devices and users I am really excited to announce that Couchbase Mobile 1.4 is now available for download. With this release you can scale Couchbase Mobile on-demand to support millions...

/ March 6, 2017