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Sreekanth Sivasankaran is a Software Engineer, Couchbase. He is into the design and development of distributed and highly performant full text search functionality.

Couchbase mobile 2.6

Few Index Management Tips – FTS Best Practices Part II

We have already seen a handful of best practices for defining an FTS index in part1, now let’s explore a few useful tips about the operational and maintenance aspects of an index.   A user who is new to the...

/ September 23, 2019

Building autoComplete or typeAhead functionality using Full Text Search

  What is autoComplete? Autocomplete as the wikipedia says “Autocomplete, or word completion, is a feature in which an application predicts the rest of a word a user is typing” It is also known as  Suggestions or Type Ahead or...

/ August 6, 2019

FTS Performance Improvements in 6.5.0 – Part 2

  For all those who are restlessly eager, let me reveal the deep dark secret of all the performance optimisations in FTS in 6.5.0 is, “ Do less And Do it less often **  ” And I am sure you...

/ July 11, 2019

A Glimpse of FTS Performance Improvements in 6.5.0 – Part 1

  Ever since the nimbler, refined scorch indexing format released in Couchbase 6.0.0, the FTS team has been pretty excited about the future optimisation potential unlocked with the newer indexing scheme. With the 6.5.0 release, we have essentially embarked on...

/ July 3, 2019
Timers Couchbase Eventing Functions

Scorch Index Type – Why does it matter?

Index types in Full Text Search (FTS) – refers to the collective specification of the inverted index format and it’s storage aspects. Scorch is the advanced and evolving index type. But before delving further into the details of scorch, its...

/ May 21, 2019

Full Text Search Best Practices – Part 1

Full Text Search – Indexing Tips Understanding the Couchbase Full Text Search (FTS) indexing options and tuning those are essential for building the right index for the job at hand. The right index here refers to a lean and rich enough...

/ November 19, 2018