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Rob Hedgpeth is a Senior Developer Advocate at Couchbase specializing in mobile and IoT technologies. Rob has been developing applications of all flavors for over a decade, but has primarily been focused on the mobile space since 2010. Prior to working at Couchbase Rob worked as a Mobile Architect at Xamarin and Microsoft.

Fluttercouch: Combining the power of Flutter and Couchbase

This is a guest post written by Luca Christille. Luca is a self-taught developer, and the creator of Fluttercouch. He wrote his first line of code when he was eight years old, and his passion for development has only grown...


Introducing Couchbase.Lite.Mapping: A New Couchbase Labs Nuget Package

Couchbase Lite 2.0 is a powerful NoSQL embedded data store for iOS, Android and .Net Mobile Platforms. Couchbase Lite provides functionality such as database and document CRUD operations, brings powerful Query API with SQL-like semantics and Full-Text-Search (FTS) capabilities. Couchbase Lite Extensibility The Couchbase.Lite and Couchbase.Lite.Enterprise Nuget packages provide a broad...

Introducing Rob Hedgpeth: Couchbase Mobile & IoT Developer Advocate

Greetings all! I’m Rob Hedgpeth, and I recently joined Couchbase as a developer advocate focusing on mobile and IoT. I’m thrilled to be joining the team, and figured I would seize the opportunity to introduce myself. I’ve been slinging code since...