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Ravi Mayuram is responsible for product development and delivery of Couchbase NoSQL offerings. He comes to Couchbase from Oracle where he was a senior director of engineering leading innovations in the areas of recommender systems and social graph, search and analytics, and lightweight client frameworks. He was also responsible for kickstarting the cloud collaboration platform. Previously in his career, Ravi has held senior technical and management positions at BEA, Siebel, Informix and HP in addition to couple of start ups including BroadBand office, a Kleiner Perkins funded venture. Ravi holds a MS in Mathematics from University of Delhi.

Engaging for growth: Introducing the industry’s first Engagement Database

Today at Couchbase, we tread a new path by carving out a new category of database: the Engagement Database. What is an Engagement Database, you ask me – a guy steeped in the technology side of the business? It’s something...