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Prasad is a Senior Product Manager for Couchbase Supportability, Manageability and Tools. Prior to Couchbase, he worked at IBM in various departments including Development, QA, Support and Technical Sales. Prasad holds a master’s degree in Chem. Engg. from Clarkson University, NY.

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New in Couchbase 6.6: Import Docs Using Web Admin Console

Couchbase 6.6 comes with a much needed feature, Import documents using the Couchbase Admin Web Console. This provides an easy way to quickly import small datasets in a variety of formats to compliment cbimport which is a more comprehensive command-line...

/ August 12, 2020

Best Practices for Operating Couchbase Server as Non-Root

With Couchbase Server 6.5.1. we now standardize the non-root install and upgrade for rpm packages. This will now allow you to easily install, upgrade and maintain Couchbase Server as non-root.  The purpose of this blog is not to replace our...

/ April 30, 2020

Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.0 with Prometheus – Part 2

Prerequisites As mentioned in Part 1 of the blog, we need to run Prometheus and Grafana in the Kubernetes environment on our Amazon EKS. The recommended way is to use Kube-Prometheus, an Open Source project. Not only will this simplify...

/ April 21, 2020

Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.0 with Prometheus – Part 1

We recently announced the latest preview of the Couchbase Autonomous Operator (CAO) 2.0 beta. This release is a significant update to the Couchbase Autonomous Operator. Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.0 introduces several new enterprise-grade features with fully autonomous capabilities – security,...

/ April 21, 2020