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Peter Reale is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Couchbase and has been in the data business since 1984. He is based in Los Angeles.

Taming the Gerrymander with Geospatial Search

The Basics Before you read any further, please take a few minutes and read the excellent post on geospatial search in Couchbase, as published by my friend and colleague Brian Kane: Go ahead; I’ll wait. Now that you’re back,...

/ November 4, 2020

Analytics Query Optimization – Let’s Demystify Listify

Couchbase Analytics is designed to support ad hoc queries by leveraging efficient parallel processing. This is particularly helpful when the results of one query lead you to seek answers from yet another another query. (For analysts, in other words, all...

/ July 29, 2020

Analytics – Love the Doc Model You’re With

In business applications, the data is often modeled for a large number of concurrent low latency queries. If you want to gain insight by looking at trends, however, you end up wishing you had an entirely different data model. The...

/ July 26, 2019

Using Couchbase Analytics for Complex and Efficient Queries in a Java Application

Note: This post has been updated to reflect the production version of the Couchbase Analytics Data Definition Language. Not too long ago I had written about using Couchbase’s new Analytics service, sometimes referred to as CBAS, within a Node.js application....

/ March 16, 2018