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Pavel is a Sr. Solution Engineer at Couchbase. Previously, he worked at Teradata Corporation, Harrahs Entertainment and NCR in different roles including database management, consulting, performance engineering and technical pre-sales.

upgrading CE

Upgrading Couchbase Community Edition

Why Enterprise Edition Couchbase Server is generally available in three flavors: Community Edition (CE), Enterprise Edition (EE) and Couchbase Cloud (DBaaS).  Many customers start with Community Edition. They download CE and use it completely free to run development, test and...

Refactoring Spring Microservices Apps to work with Couchbase

I’m a big fan of online learning platforms, such as Udemy. For the price of a bottle of wine, you could learn pretty much anything, from psychology and Thai cooking to programming languages, operating systems and IT certifications.  Recently, I...

Testing N1QL workloads with Apache JMeter

One of the key features that Couchbase provides for querying JSON data is a N1QL language. N1QL allows users to access and modify the contents of their JSON documents with familiar SQL statements. Quite often, during development phase of a...