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Matthew D. Groves is a guy who loves to code. It doesn't matter if it's C#, jQuery, or PHP: he'll submit pull requests for anything. He has been coding professionally ever since he wrote a QuickBASIC point-of-sale app for his parent's pizza shop back in the 90s. He currently works as a Product Marketing Manager for Couchbase. His free time is spent with his family, watching the Reds, and getting involved in the developer community. He is the author of AOP in .NET (published by Manning), a Pluralsight author, and a Microsoft MVP.

Glass ochem by Purpy Pupple, licensed through Creative Commons

JSON Data Modeling for RDBMS Users

JSON data modeling is a vital part of using a document database like Couchbase. Beyond understanding the basics of JSON, there are two key approaches to modeling relationships between data that will be covered in this blog post. The examples...

January 25, 2018
ETL diagram by JakobVoss licensed through Creative Commons 3.0

CSV tooling for migrating to Couchbase from Relational

CSV (Comma-seperated values) is a file format that can be exported from a relational database (like Oracle or SQL Server). It can then be imported into Couchbase Server with the cbimport utility. Note: cbimport comes with Couchbase Enterprise Edition. For...

January 18, 2018
Azure Cloud

Test Drive: Trying Couchbase on Azure for Free

Test Drive is an Azure feature that allows you to try out software in the cloud for free. Previously, I wrote about how Getting started with Couchbase on Azure is easy and free. That post told you how to get...

January 9, 2018
Azure Cloud

Scaling Couchbase Server on Azure

Scaling is one of Couchbase Server’s strengths. It’s easy to scale, and Couchbase’s architecture makes an efficient use of your scaling resources. In fact, when Couchbase customer Viber switched from Mongo to Couchbase, they cut the number of servers they...

December 18, 2017
mobile phone chatbot

Chatbot on Azure and Couchbase for Viber

A chatbot can be a novel way to interact with users. After writing a post introducing the basics of serverless, and also writing a post on writing Azure Functions, I decided I would try to build something a little more...

December 8, 2017
Azure Cloud

Serverless Architecture with Cloud Computing

Serverless is one of the new buzz words that you’ve probably heard. It refers to a type of deployment where the server is abstracted away. It doesn’t mean there aren’t servers, just that you don’t have to provision the servers...

December 5, 2017
ASP.NET Core in Visual Studio

ASP.NET Core with Couchbase: Getting Started

ASP.NET Core is the newest development platform for Microsoft developers. If you are looking for information about plain old ASP.NET, check out ASP.NET with Couchbase: Getting Started. ASP.NET Core Tools to Get Started The following video will take you from...

November 30, 2017

ASP.NET with Couchbase: Getting Started

ASP.NET is the development platform that most Microsoft developers use. At the Couchbase Connect Silicon Valley 2017 conference, I spoke to some .NET developers in a workshop. I asked them what type of content they’d like to see me create...

November 27, 2017
Couchbase tooling

Tooling Improvements in Couchbase Server 5.0 (Update)

Tooling improvements have come to Couchbase Server 5.0. Note: this is an updated repost of Tooling Improvements in Couchbase 5.0 Beta. In this blog post, I’m going to show you some of the tooling improvements in: Query plan visualization –...

November 8, 2017
Monitoring and profiling

Profiling and Monitoring in Couchbase Server 5.0 Preview (Update)

Profiling and monitoring for N1QL are a big part of the Couchbase Server 5.0 release (now available for download). Note: this is an updated repost of Profiling and Monitoring in Couchbase Server 5.0 Preview (Update). Query Workbench Once again, I’ll...

November 7, 2017
Tour of Couchbase Console

Couchbase Console (video tour) – Update

Couchbase Console has a refreshed UI in Couchbase Server 5.0. Couchbase Server 5.0 is now available for download. But back in January, we were releasing developer builds to get early feedback. Note: this blog post is an updated repost of...

November 6, 2017

N1QL Enhancements in Couchbase Server 5.0

N1QL enhancements have come to Couchbase. N1QL is one of the flagship features of Couchbase Server. The release of Couchbase Server 5.0 further bolsters N1QL with a range of enhancements. Many of these enhancements have been covered in previous blog...

October 31, 2017