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Keshav Murthy is a Vice President at Couchbase R&D. Previously, he was at MapR, IBM, Informix, Sybase, with more than 20 years of experience in database design & development. He lead the SQL and NoSQL R&D team at IBM Informix. He has received two President's Club awards at Couchbase, two Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards at IBM. Keshav has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Mysore, India, holds ten US patents and has three US patents pending.

Couchbase for Oracle Developers – Part 4 : Data types

Link to the series home page: As part of data remodeling, while moving from the relational model to the JSON model, you’ll have to consider the data type mapping. In Oracle, you’ll have to create and declare the types...

/ March 25, 2020

JSON is Case Sensitive. You Don’t Have to Be.

A RoSe by any other case would smell as sweet. William Shakespeare You must have learned capitalization rules in your grammar school, but the real-world search is not so sensitive to capitalization. Charles de Gaulle uses lower case for the...

/ March 23, 2020

Simple dataviz with N1QL and Google Sheets.

Do whatever it takes to present the data to aid analysis and thinking.  — Edward Tufte How do you create graphs like these if you don’t already have some ready-made cool dataviz tool? You can run queries to wrangle the...

/ January 7, 2020
A schematic walking map of the London Tube

Less is More: Why Use a Cost-Based Optimizer?

Less is more.  — Ludwig Mies van der Rohe There is no truer statement on the goals of a query optimizer. Do less: Less memory, less CPU, less disk, less IO, less instructions, less partitions, less overflow. Less everything for...

/ September 7, 2019

It’s SQL. Again.

[crayon-607c794daf27a147317554/] [crayon-607c794daf27f499751225/] — In the spirit of Alexander Pope and Sir John Squire.

/ August 31, 2019

Primary Uses for Couchbase Primary Index.

A couple of frequently asked questions on N1QL for query service: When do we actually use a primary index? Why the index advisor does not recommend the primary index when that may the only choice? Read on… Couchbase is a...

/ August 22, 2019

Cost Based Optimizer for Couchbase N1QL (SQL for JSON)

Authors & Engineering Team: Bingjie Miao, Keshav Murthy,  Marco Greco, Prathibha Bisarahalli. Couchbase, Inc.  A rule-based optimizer knows rules for everything and cost for nothing – Oscar Wilde Abstract Couchbase is a distributed JSON database. It provides distributed data processing,...

/ August 7, 2019

N1QL (Query) Basic Order of Execution.

Query syntax is limited. Queries are unlimited. Predicate pushdown, group by pushdown, offset pagination, keyset pagination, join optimization, search optimization, we’ve discussed it all. Still, it’s important to understand the default, simple — albeit slow — execution flow of the...

/ June 8, 2019

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of SQL in NoSQL Databases

Business applications have requirements: take customer orders, deliver customer orders, track shipping, generate inventory report, end of the day/month/quarter business report, generate business dashboards and more.  These requirements evolve slowly. They remain even when you choose a NoSQL database. On...

/ May 26, 2019

Approaches to Query Optimization in NoSQL

A man returned home after walking around the globe for eleven years.  Next day, when he told his wife he’s going to the corner store, she asked him: “are you taking the short route or the long one?”. Queries can...

/ May 5, 2019