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Jeff Morris is VP of Product, Solutions and Customer Marketing at Couchbase. He's spent over three decades marketing software development tools, databases, analytic tools and other open source products. Needless to say, he's a big believer in Couchbase. NoEqual. !=

Introducing Couchbase 7 Beta, Mapping RDBMS to NoSQL

Couchbase Server 7 Beta Couchbase Server 7 Beta is a very exciting release. It is available, free in both Enterprise and Community Editions. We encourage our entire community to download and try this groundbreaking release that features scopes and collections...

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Couchbase Cloud DBaaS: The Industry Responds

It’s been exciting to see the steam Couchbase Cloud has been gaining since we initially introduced it to the world earlier this year. From an oversubscribed beta program to taking home the Tech Ascension Cloud Innovation of the Year award,...