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Jagadesh Munta is a Principal Software Engineer at Couchbase Inc. USA. Prior to this, he was a veteran in Sun Microsystems and Oracle together for 19 years. Jagadesh is holding Masters in Software Engineering at San Jose State University,USA and B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering at JNTU,India. He is an author of "Software Quality and Java Automation Engineer Survival Guide” to help Software developers and Quality automation engineers.

Creating Dynamic VMs Infrastructure With Xen Hosts

Introduction In today’s world, the server infrastructure machines are either in on-premise data centers, private data centers or public cloud data centers. These machines are either physical bare metal machines, virtual machines (VMs) with hypervisors  or small containers like docker...

Developers discuss how to upgrade python.

How to Update Python 2 to Python 3

Introduction The last major Python upgrade — to version 3 — arrived in Dec. 2008, nearly 12 years ago. And yet there is a good chance that you are still working on the Python 2 product or test code. If...