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Isha Kandaswamy is a Senior Software Engineer at Couchbase. Isha is responsible for the development of designing the different features and tools for the N1QL Query Language -SQL for Json. Also, Designing and implementing features and tools for the N1QL query language.

Using libcouchbase / C SDK to run transactions with Couchbase 7.0

Couchbase Server 7.0 now supports N1QL transactions. Let’s try writing a C program that performs a set of transactions on a single node. Step 1: We first decide how to call the program. The inputs will be the URL to...

June 7, 2021

Alternate Address & Port Support for Couchbase/N1QL Clusters

In order to connect to Couchbase deployments on cloud (AWS, Azure or GCP) or Kubernetes, we support multi-addresses in the form of alternate addresses. External applications use this facility to communicate with the cluster, but not directly to the nodes....

May 13, 2021

Couchbase Support for Node-to-node Encryption

Couchbase supports node-to-node encryption or Cluster encryption by adding TLS based encryption to the connections between the nodes within a Couchbase cluster. When customers using Couchbase require us to comply with privacy regulations such as HIPAA (financial or healthcare customers...

February 18, 2021

Authentication Using Server-Side X.509 Certificates And N1QL

Authentication and authorization to the N1QL query service in Couchbase works in multiple ways –  Passing credentials through a rest request – curl http://localhost:8093/query/service?pretty=true -d “statement=select * from system:keyspaces” -u Admin:pwd Passing credentials using the creds named parameter and/or query...

September 10, 2020

CURL Comes to N1QL: Querying External JSON Data

JSON is a helpful way to transmit data. Now, N1QL can query it thanks to a CURL update in Couchbase 5.0. See how to connect to various endpoints to do just that. N1QL has many functions that allow you to...

October 6, 2017

Oracle Date Format: N1QL and Support for Date-Time Functions – Pt 1

Read the pdf version here. Date and Time functions and formats can vary for different databases. In the article we shall compare Couchbase N1QL Date-Time functions with Oracle ISO Date format. In Oracle, date format and timezones feature multiple data types,...

September 22, 2017