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Software Engineer in N1QL Query Team

Index Advisor Supports Self-Verification and Index Pushdowns

Index advisor for N1QL Statement (ADVISE statement ) is officially released in Couchbase Server 6.6. It is designed to make best efforts to provide global secondary index recommendation for each keyspace in the query which is better than all the...

January 19, 2021

Index Advisor For Query Workload

Overview As the second feature of Index Advisor released in Couchbase server 6.5 (Developer Preview), Advisor function extends the scope from advising on single query to providing index recommendations for query workload and support on session handling. In this article,...

August 15, 2019

Index Advisor for N1QL Query Statement

Overview Index advisor is introduced in Couchbase server 6.5 as a developer preview feature. It targets at providing secondary index recommendation to help DBAs and developers optimize N1QL query performance. This version is rule-based, in which the index candidates will...

August 9, 2019