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I lead cloud partnership for Couchbase, working closely with the teams at AWS, Azure, and GCP to ensure Couchbase users get a first-class experience on the cloud of their choice.

Couchbase and AWS Expand Relationship

Couchbase is excited to announce a new step in our partnership with AWS – we’ve achieved the Big Data Competency.  This is another step in our evolving and expanding joint relationship.  The achievement validates our deep expertise in big data...

Deploy Couchbase on AWS with Terraform

Couchbase has been working closely with Gruntwork on developing Terraform templates that deploy Couchbase on AWS.  We’re excited to announce the public availability of those templates today!  We’ve been really impressed with the approach Gruntwork takes to developing Infrastructure as...

Couchbase Cloud

Couchbase Takes the Cloud with AWS Quick Start

Businesses are increasingly adopting cloud-first strategies to quickly create and deliver innovative approaches and adapt to constantly changing business needs and customer demands. By 2020, Gartner estimates the public cloud market will be worth $411 billion, therefore we recognize the...