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Arun Vijayraghavan is the Principal Product Manager for SDK and Connectors at Couchbase. As a customer obsessed product leader, he strives to shape the future of products, making critical decisions between performance, features, and time-to-market. He has a demonstrated ability and an established track record of over 20 years of providing strategic guidance to companies to launch developer platforms and new products in order to pull together the single vision of maximizing business value of the product. Arun holds dual master degree's in Physics and Information Technology.

A padlock on a black wooden surface, representing the importance of protecting information with data encryption

Why Data Encryption Is Essential

This article aims to bring awareness around the importance of data encryption, considering the astounding rate at which data is being produced, transmitted and consumed. We will discuss the need for data protection, regulation, and some encryption best practices. Organizations...

May 20, 2021
Ruby SDK 3.0

Announcing General Availability Of Couchbase Ruby SDK 3.0 !

” We are delighted to announce the General Availability of Couchbase Ruby SDK 3.0 !  “   Useful Links Read Couchbase Ruby SDK 3.0 documentation Read Couchbase Server 6.5.0 documentation Share your thoughts on the Couchbase Forums See all the...

September 8, 2020
Kafka Connector

Announcing Couchbase Kafka Connector 4.0

“ Today we are happy to announce the General Availability of the Couchbase Connector  4.0 for Apache Kafka. The Connector allows you to easily build robust and reactive data pipelines that take advantage of stream processing connecting different datastores, applications,...

August 18, 2020
Couchbase Ruby SDK

Announcing Couchbase Ruby SDK 3.0 (Beta)

“  No, your eyes do not deceive you, you read correctly. The Couchbase Ruby SDK is back by popular demand and we are thrilled to make this announcement ! ”   Useful Links Read Couchbase Ruby SDK 3.0 documentation Read...

August 11, 2020
Elasticsearch Connector in Action

Using Elasticsearch Connector with Ingest Node Pipeline

Recently, as I was exploring our documentation to acquaint myself with the capabilities of Elasticsearch Connector 4.2, I came across a configuration called Pipeline. I was curious to explore and understand what it means and what purpose does this solve....

July 22, 2020

Announcing Spring Data Couchbase 4.0

We are delighted to announce that the eagerly awaited Spring Data Couchbase 4.0 is now available with enhanced capabilities. Built on top of Couchbase Java SDK 3.0, Spring Data Couchbase out-of-the-box comes with technology enhancements and leverages the latest Couchbase...

May 12, 2020