Month: April 2021

Introduction to Ottoman

Craft the Right Query, Get the Right Performance

There is a great blog on getting the best performance out of our Indexing service: “Create the Right Index, Get the Right Performance.”, both that blog and its advice have stood the test of time. So why not have a...

April 28, 2021
Multi-cloud computing distributes data technology

Multi-Cloud Computing – Strategy & Considerations

This post continues our look at various core computing concepts by diving into the emerging paradigm known as multi-cloud computing. We describe what an enterprise multi-cloud strategy looks like and provide considerations for setting multi-cloud management and storage-related goals. I...

April 21, 2021
Digital transformation survey results for architects

How did digital architects deal with the COVID-19 challenge?

How did digital architects deal with the COVID-19 challenge, and what is their blueprint for the future? In Couchbase’s fourth annual digital transformation survey, we have already looked at the challenges to digital transformation in 2020, and the roles of...

hybrid and multi-cloud computing design graphic

Hybrid Cloud Services & Computing Models

What are Hybrid Cloud Services? Everyone has heard the term “hybrid cloud,” but what exactly are hybrid cloud services, and why are they becoming so important to enterprise architectures? And what’s the best way to take advantage of a hybrid...

Woman riding a horse in a barrel race as a metaphor for navigating SQL data challenges

What is SQL? Navigating Databases for DBAs and Developers

This article briefly introduces the essentials of SQL – its meaning, definition, and application to different database technologies. We introduce many different types of systems that use SQL – from databases to event stream processing. What is SQL?  Define: SQL...

April 7, 2021