Month: August 2020

Kafka Connector

Announcing Couchbase Kafka Connector 4.0

“ Today we are happy to announce the General Availability of the Couchbase Connector  4.0 for Apache Kafka. The Connector allows you to easily build robust and reactive data pipelines that take advantage of stream processing connecting different datastores, applications,...

/ August 18, 2020
Flex Indexing vs Global Secondary Indexes

FTS Flex Index vs GSI Indexes in Couchbase Server 6.6

In this article, we will touch on some practical examples starting with N1QL queries using GSI Indexes and simulate a dataset that over time grows not just with document size, but the actual document structure growing as well. Couchbase Server makes flexible...

/ August 12, 2020
Flex Index is Amazing

Announcing Flex Index With Couchbase

Flex Index Explained What is a Flex Index? One of the key tasks of a database engine is how to efficiently manage the search and retrieval of the data therein. The efficiency and balance between resource consumption and performance are...

/ August 12, 2020

What’s New and Improved in Couchbase Server 6.6

Couchbase Server 6.6 is now generally available with exciting new enhancements that augment our Analytics, Query, Search, and Eventing Services as well as our backup, recovery and tooling capabilities. These enhancements improve developer productivity, simplify cloud deployments, and enable operational...

A graphic showing remote cluster nodes for the Couchbase analytics service

Remote Links – Analyze Trends With Couchbase Analytics

Introduction to remote links Couchbase is excited to announce its new Remote Links Analytics Service feature in the latest Couchbase Server 6.6 release. Remote links enable real-time operational analytics to obtain and analyze data from multiple Couchbase data clusters and...

/ August 12, 2020

External Datasets: Accessing AWS S3 in Couchbase Analytics

Introduction to external datasets Couchbase is very excited to announce its new “External Datasets” Analytics Services feature in the latest Couchbase Server 6.6 release. External datasets empower customers to access externally stored data in real-time from Amazon Web Services (AWS)...

/ August 12, 2020
Three co-workers talking at an outdoor table

New in Couchbase 6.6: Import Docs Using Web Admin Console

Couchbase 6.6 comes with a much needed feature, Import documents using the Couchbase Admin Web Console. This provides an easy way to quickly import small datasets in a variety of formats to compliment cbimport which is a more comprehensive command-line...

/ August 12, 2020

Eventing Improvements (Timers, Handlers, and Statistics)

With the release of Couchbase 6.6 the Eventing Service has major improvements in functionality. We’ve introduced new Eventing Timers that can be cancelled using the cancelTimer() function, or by creating a new timer with the same reference identifier as an...

Cloud storage backups with Couchbase (AWS S3 object stores)

Couchbase 6.6 introduced the ability to back up the document database directly to AWS S3 cloud computing storage or any other S3-compatible Object Store. Using the cbbackupmgr backup utility you can now specify an S3 bucket as a destination for...

Couchbase Ruby SDK

Announcing Couchbase Ruby SDK 3.0 (Beta)

“  No, your eyes do not deceive you, you read correctly. The Couchbase Ruby SDK is back by popular demand and we are thrilled to make this announcement ! ”   Useful Links Read Couchbase Ruby SDK 3.0 documentation Read...

/ August 11, 2020