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Announcing new version of Couchbase Plug-in for ElasticSearch - 2.0

Anil Kumar of Couchbase Published

I am happy to announce the major update to our Couchbase Plug-in for ElasticSearch. Plug-in is now updated to work with latest release of Couchbase Server 3.0 and Elasticsearch 1.3.0. Also, plug-in is backward compatible with previous version of Couchbase Server 2.5.x.

What's new in 2.0 -

Supporting more than one document type in Elasticsearch - In Couchbase, a document is uniquely identified by its ID whereas in Elasticsearch, documents are uniquely identified by the combination of their ID and type. Previously, all documents stored in Couchbase are indexed in Elasticsearch using the Couchbase ID and the type "couchbaseDocument". With this new release we have made changes to support different types in ElasticSearch. So that some of the more powerful features of Elasticsearch can take advantage of documents being indexed as different types.

If you’re using Couchbase Plug-in for ElasticSearch in your Couchbase deployment and planning to upgrade to latest Couchbase Server 3.0 then we recommend using latest plug-in v2.0.

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