June 5, 2014

Couchbase .NET SDK 1.3.6 Released, How to Contribute to Couchbase .NET SDK and Other News

Today's Release

Today we released version 1.3.6 of the .NET SDK! This was another bug fix/maintenance release that included several contributions from the Couchbase community. Being an Open Source Software project, we depend upon community involvment and each and every contribution, whether or not it's included in the final release or not, is appreciated!

How To Contribute

If you wish to contibute a patch, remember we require you sign our Contributor License Agreement or "CLA". To do so, simple follow these directions:

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March 16, 2010

The Simple Client Interface, Now With More Simplicity

Simplicity. That's part of what has made memcached popular for bringing "fast" to web applications. The usage pattern is simple to understand, it's simple to install the server, and of course it's simple to get the client going with your application. In this last case, all you need to do is install the client, set up the server list, and start using it.

Could it be simpler? Sure.

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