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Support for Windows Services for win32 memcached

Patrick Galbraith Published

I'm pleased to announce that our memcached win32 binary for memcached 1.4.2 now supports being able to be installed as a

Windows service. The distribution can be found from our labs website at which you can download at

The instructions for installing memcached as a service are:

1. In a command shell, create a directory of your choice name and location
2. Unzip the archive in this location
3. Run on the command line: memcached.exe -d install
4. Run, from the Start button "Administrative Tools -> "Services"
5. Double-click on the listing for "memcached"
6. In the panel, you will see:
* "Startup type:" - this should be "automatic"
* "Service status:". Click the start button to start memcached (As shown in the image below)
7. Enjoy using memcached!

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