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OSCON 2009


If you're going to OSCON 2009, we're going to be there too!  Looking forward to catching up with friends and meeting new folks

-- we'll be hanging out in the hallways, bouncing around different sessions and (just like everyone else) on the hunt for power outlets.  Just come up and say hi to any of us. A couple of our remote NorthScalers have flown in for the first time, as OSCON's a longtime annual ritual. Especially, welcome aboard, Patrick Galbraith!  Congratulations of your new book, Developing Web Applications with Apache, MySQL, memcached, and Perl!  I have my signed copy already.  Patrick's jumping in right away to work on NorthScale's management and monitoring software for memcached. One indelible OSCON memory already: Monty Widenius of MySQL fame bought the PostgreSQL t-shirt off of Josh Berkus's back, as part of an auction/donation to the PostgreSQL cause.  Once you see a shirtless Josh Berkus -- posing arms embraced with Monty Widenius no less -- you cannot un-see it.

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