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New Release of Membase (1.6.5) Now Available

Frank Weigel of Couchbase Published

Time flies when you are having fun. Apparently I am having a lot of fun, because it sure doesn’t seem like a quarter ago that we launched Membase Server for general availability. :)


And what a three months it has been! Since launch, the user community has been growing explosively. Seeing all the twitter and blog traffic from folks finding out about Membase or reporting their experience using or deploying Membase has been great, and made all those late nights getting the product out worthwhile. I have shared some of my favorite tweets in this post, so you can see what I am talking about.

In addition to the online world it has been very rewarding meeting current and future users at Membase meetups and it is exciting to see Membase-related talks popping up at user groups around the world.

As is always the case with initial GA releases, there have been some hiccups so we have been working hard over the last months to continue refining the product – in fact, we just issued a new Membase release today (1.6.5) that incorporates a lot of that work. You can download it here.

We’ve also been working hard to continuously improve our documentation. Our support team has put together a great collection of best practices, based real-world experience with customers and the Membase community over the past two months. Of particular note is the wiki page that provides guidance on sizing calculations to help you determine the cluster size needed to accommodate your data and working set.

Besides countless under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes, the new version also includes a restore tool. This new tool allows restores of backed up data to a new cluster of arbitrary size, lifting the “same-to-same” restore limit of the original procedure. The tool even has a special “add-only” mode, where only key-value pairs from the backup files are added, if the key is not already in the cluster. This is very helpful when restoring older data, as it avoids overwriting new data with old values. The wiki provides more insights here.

We recommend every Membase user upgrade to 1.6.5! Getting there is easy; the simple upgrade procedure* is described in the release notes.

Thanks to all of you who have deployed Membase. We’re excited about the benefits it is delivering to our users. In fact, I’ll give the final word to one of our users, Tom Rosenfeld, as I couldn’t have said it better myself:


“Membase is enabling Come2Play to scale out easily.
We love Membase because it's simple to use, elegant and polished.”


Enjoy Membase 1.6.5!

* A note on upgrades: while we normally support rolling upgrades by balancing-in new nodes, some internal changes in 1.6.5 prevented us from supporting this feature in this release for upgrades from versions earlier than 1.6.4. 

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