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moxi 0.10.0 Released!


I'm pleased to announce the release of moxi 0.10.0, now available at or via Github

 using git:

$ git clone git://

If you don't already know, moxi is a memcached proxy with several features which can help keep the memcached contract whole in complicated environments by making it easier to deal with the complexity of multiple servers in a pool from a single connection. For more information, see This release has some new features such as:

  • Move to new internal hashtable , removal of glib requirement
  • Simplification of build
  • Updated and synced with memcached 1.4.1
  • Cleaner support for new platforms

Special thanks go to the Northscale team for this release, including Aliaksey Kandratsenka and Matt Ingenthron. Go forth now, and get the code! And thank you for using moxi.You'll have a lot of enjoyment using it.

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