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Membase Server 1.7 Developer Preview

Frank Weigel of Couchbase Published

With the general availability of Membase Server 1.7 just a few weeks away, the final developer preview beta release is now available for download and provides a great way to take a peek at the new version and experience the new features.

The release combines lots of very user-visible changes along with significant “under-the-hood” improvements to further enhance elasticity and robustness of Membase Server clusters.

As soon as you install the beta, you will notice that we have added numerous new graphs to our monitoring system, providing even more detailed insight into the status of each bucket. We also added a new Server Monitoring page so it’s easy to identify nodes that require attention. Whether you are running a modest five-node cluster or a large cluster with many billions of keys, being able to understand the state of your cluster and its health, knowing if you are approaching resource limits, and identifying problems with individual nodes is invaluable for production deployments.

Membase Server 1.7 Monitoring GUI

The GUI adds many other new features. We now have integrated automatic update notification, added a new server state for servers that are restarting and enhanced visualization to better illustrate the availability state of a bucket.

However, the beauty of this release is not just skin deep. Based on users building larger and larger clusters and increased demand on frequently adding or removing nodes, we have further improved the rebalancing process. We have optimized how often items are accessed when rebalancing the data across the new nodes and further integrated rebalancing and replication. With the addition of TAP checkpoints, replication and rebalance transfers now have a mechanism that enables those processes to continue from a known state, even after interruptions. It helps minimizing data transfers in environments where connections or nodes might get interrupted, sadly an all-too-frequent reality in cloud environments.

Enjoy the 1.7 developer preview and let me know what you think of it!

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