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Membase Hits the Big Apple and Beantown

Frank Weigel of Couchbase Published

It’s been a busy week with our inaugural meetups in New York City and Boston.

We've enjoyed meeting Membase users, and interacting with those interested in trying out the software for the first time. The feedback on the meetups and the content has been overwhelmingly positive, with great suggestions for future gatherings. In particular, attendees liked our content on how to program with key-value stores – we’ll make sure to cover that in more depth in upcoming meetups.

Here are the slides we used for the meetups for all those interested in taking a second look.

Also, a few words of thanks to:

  • Ivan Brusic and the NoSQL meetup group for helping spread the word. It is always fun to tap into the energy of the NYC tech community!
  • New Work City, the co-working space where we held the event. This is a really cool place for a meetup, and we really appreciate your support.
  • All those who braved the downpour to come to the Boston meetup. Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative next time.
  • NaviNet, for hosting us in their Cambridge offices. Special thanks to Corey for his presentation, and to Joy and Katherine for logistics support.

We are looking forward to another great meetup tonight in Silicon Valley at HP’s Cupertino campus. Hope to see you there!

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