April 5, 2010

memcached client and server source from NorthScale

I guess most people don't know this, but I'm the only member of the technical team in NorthScale located in Europe. I live just outside Trondheim in Norway, so it's pretty far from everything.

So why did I join NorthScale? A lot of my friends in Trondheim have been asking me that question. To them it sounds strange that I want to work from home for a company located 9 timezones away. I've known Dustin Sallings and Steve Yen a couple of years through their work on memcached in the community, and I was excited to hear what they where up to. I've worked closely with Matt Ingenthron and Eric Lambert from my time in Sun, so I knew that they already had a talented team.

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November 7, 2009

SASL memcached now available!

memcached SASL support

After the initial announcement by Dustin Sallings that the memcached server now has SASL support, (which is a feature in the newly released 1.4.3, announced just today) this past week has also resulted in a flurry of other developments, particularly in the client realm

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