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May 23, 2013

Couchbase @ Ziniki : The odyssey to find “Find”

Ziniki Infrastructure Systems built their integration tier on top of Couchbase, because the combination of document storage with incremental mapreduce gave them a powerful way to query data. In this blog, Gareth Powell, founder and architect at Ziniki, describes his experience of using mapreduce views in Couchbase. 

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December 13, 2010

Why Come2Play Chose Membase

Guest post: Tom Rosenfeld, Team Lead, Come2Play

Come2Play is a company that serves multiplayer web games online. Our site serves over 4 million players on a monthly basis, with tens of thousands of players at any given moment. We use MySQL as our database and IIS on our web servers, which run ASP.Net and classic asp (legacy code).

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March 31, 2010

Understanding and characterizing the performance of Spymemcached: The importance of picking meaningful data points

Guest post: Eric Lambert

The Spymemcached Java client is the leading Java client used by Java based applications that need to avail themselves to Memcached servers. The reason Spy has become so popular in the Java community is that it has been highly optimized and that it provides outstanding performance, but at the same time does so without burdening the user with undue complexity.

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