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The Awesome Power of Technology to Disrupt

Rahim Yaseen of Couchbase Published

A close friend once said to me  – “never underestimate the awesome power of technology to disrupt.”  We are in the midst of sweeping disruptions in a post-PC era with radical changes in hardware, operating systems, database systems, software frameworks and applications.

We have seen the emergence and popularity of Android and iOS - two modern, lightweight, and elegant operating systems, architected with a completely different set of software and hardware design considerations. We will continue to see an explosive combination of the growth in the number of devices together with increasingly powerful device hardware footprints. Hardware that ranges from beautiful high resolution touchscreens to accelerometers, and from bigger flash memories to low power consumption. The emerging reality is that mobile devices are projected to have serious compute power (quad+ cores), increasingly larger memory footprints and operate on higher bandwidth networks. This will open up the potential for a new class of innovative device local and data intensive applications. Its time for a modern, lightweight and elegant database  – an awesome database that is JSON based, a database that is both native and local to the device.  A database we call Couchbase Lite.

The era of mega and monolithic applications is fading. There is an emergence of thousands or millions of task specific applications – task specific applications that do one thing and are awesome at it. For example, a micro application that lets a person check-in to a flight and create an electronic boarding pass.  This allows each person to create a personalized “suite” of micro applications that are best suited to his or her needs – managing both their work and personal lives with one awesome user experience. A user experience that is based on fast and responsive applications that run natively on mobile devices and manage data both on the device and the cloud. It’s likely that a new generation of co-operative mobile applications will also emerge. Applications that exploit device to device (d2d) or mobile to mobile (m2m) characteristics. Applications that run on an edge whose compute capacity and network connectivity might rival or exceed that of server based clouds.

We created Couchbase Lite to be THE next generation database on mobile devices. A JSON Anywhere Strategy – JSON on the device, JSON on the wire and JSON in the cloud. We want this local database to be more than just a cache. We want this database to intelligently manage local JSON data, to share JSON data across applications and users, to provide users the ability to retain data on the device for as long as they want, and to provide the security of an unbreakable local database. A database that is portable, provides a common data abstraction layer, and the same application interface across different devices from multiple vendors. We want this database to intelligently and easily sync JSON data from a cloud, from a clustered Couchbase server database and in the future, from other peer devices in an edge-centric network configuration. A database that developers will use to create future applications and content that we have not yet envisioned.

In closing, as I watch this unstoppable, industry-changing trend, that magical statement my friend said comes back to me - “never underestimate the awesome power of technology to disrupt.”

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