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Hello from Membase-land!

Perry Krug of Couchbase Published

Greetings again! This will be a quick one...just wanted to let you know that Membase is coming along swimmingly and we've been getting some great feedback on the beta from users around the world.

The plan is to release a Beta 2 drop in the next few days which will add support for having your disk storage be greater than your available RAM. It will also introduce a standalone, client-side proxy (better for performance).

To recap last week's beta webinar call, I did a rebalancing demo and talked about lots of features (both soon-to-be-released and more long-term). There were a bunch of questions and you can watch the whole thing here (the calls are only about half an hour).

This upcoming webinar will feature one of our developers talking about the REST-based API interface into Membase. Come one, come all!

More news includes our presence at the upcoming OSCON show next week and Matt Ingenthron's presentation on membase ; stop by the booth (#322) and say hello!

Thanks for reading, I'll be writing again soon.

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